SkyAngels Guest Blog Post: Paige

SkyAngel Paige shares her experience at SkyAngels SKYacademy

“My experience at SkyAngels SkyAcademy is one I will NEVER forget. I knew going into the in-person training week I was going to learn a lot about the aviation industry but I had no idea that I would grow as much as I did.

My Mama Angel Steffany is such an all around inspiring woman. I am so thankful to have met her and feel so honored to be apart of her SkyAngels family! She has taught me more in this past week than I ever thought imaginable. She taught me how to be quicker on my feet and think on the fly. How to always carry myself with grace and poise even if I am freaking out inside about the million little tasks that still need to get done. She also taught me the quickest and best way to stay organized and effective. How to be a flight attendant, personal assistant, waitress in the sky and chef on the fly, all while staying calm enough to be able to serve and assist incase of emergencies. From preparing 3 course meals in 35 minutes on an aircraft to practicing emergency evacuating, water drills at Lake Sonoma, this week has been an unforgettable experience for me.

The most important thing Steffany has taught me though, is about myself. She has taught me to TRUST in myself and BELIEVE in myself more than I ever have. She has helped me to realize how strong and capable I really am! I’ll be forever grateful to her for this! I also am forever grateful for the new found friendships I have made with my amazing SisterAngels this week.

Through blood, sweat and tears (literally) we have an unexplainable bond that I’m confident will never break. I love my new SkyAngels family and am so excited to start this next chapter of my life in private aviation!! So catch me in the sky!”

Soar High,
~ Paige F"