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Recurrent and initial training available through a series of online and hands-on courses. Become a certified SkyAngel today!

If you love traveling, have an interest in hospitality and service excellence, can maintain a flexible schedule and income and love meeting amazing people, then a career in private aviation could be very exciting for you. This could be just the chance you've been waiting for to explore the world and meet amazing people, all while getting paid!

  • It’s been so long since I challenged myself. And although I had moments of thinking ‘there’s no way I can do this’, Steffany aka MamaAngel was so encouraging. I’m still riding the high of jumping in the bay or conquering a time goal. I know I’m going to succeed in this industry because of the new family I have pushing me to be my best. I love SkyAngels & proud to call myself one!
    — Rachel E. Canada, Certified SkyAngel
  • SkyAngels SKYacademy was a very personable and enjoyable training taught by inspiring people where I received detailed and useful feedback on how to improve my skills.
    — Felicia, Certified SkyAngel
  • Some people do not welcome change in their lives, freightened by the uncertainty and risk that comes with it. However, if you are ready to embrace change with an open mind and heart, Stefanie and Nicole will help you fulfill your dreams. They will guide you, challenge you, and help you turn your weaknesses into strengths. They make you realize that you can achieve your goals with effort and a drive for success. Stefanie and Nicole care for and love each one of their SkyAngels and they have left footprints in my heart forever.
    — Natosha S, Certified SkyAngel
  • Challenging but extremely satisfying upon completion.
    — Allesandra, Certified SkyAngel
  • I just wanted to thank you again for everything this week! You are truly a great mentor and role model. I have learned so much not only about this new and exciting industry, but also a lot about myself. I’ve already grown as a person just in these few days of training as a SkyAngel- and it’s only the beginning! I cannot wait to see what adventures are to come.
    — Devin, Certified SkyAngel
  • Steffany and Nicole bring class and charm to their peak during SKYacademy training. What a transformative experience! These ladies go above and beyond to provide their guests an exceptional experience and to ensure that all SkyAngels hold themselves to that same standard. I am beyond proud to be a SkyAngel and to carry the these lessons with me into my career.
    — Antoinette, Certified SkyAngel
  • I want to take the time to say Thank you so much for everything. I walked away from training with so much more than I could have asked for. You both did such a great job conveying your knowledge and experience to Antoinette and I. I am excited to network with all of you. I could go on and on about how positive this experience has been. Thank you for the tools and empowerment!
    — Maureen, Certified SkyAngel
  • I’m grateful for the opportunity and after going through SKYacademy, so glad to have picked you (and you me!). At the very end of training, you very eloquently gave a motivational send-off, and while you were talking, I was so struck by how sincerely you care about your SkyAngel’s success. It’s a wonderful trait about you and what you have created.
    I am inspired by your tenacity and thankful your’s and Nicole’s mentorship. Continue to build your dream and pursue your visions. You are making so many other’s dreams happen in addition.
    — Kara M., SKYacademy Graduate & Certified SkyAngel
  • Steffany made an impact on my life in the short amount of time going through training and the on-going support she offers. Steffany is such a great leader. I love that she created SkyAngels. The feeling of support and truly working together as a team has been a positive impact in my life. Steffany is Wonder Woman.
    — Lauren L., SKYacademy Graduate & Certified SkyAngel
  • The skills I learned through SkyAngels SKYacademy were invaluable. The training, support and encouragement I received from the SkyAngels Team guided me in my success. It’s rare to find a company that truly has the best interest of their students in mind, but SkyAngels really cares. They taught me how to provide the highest level of care to my guests and to always strive for perfection in everything I do.
    — Jenny S., SKYacademy Graduate & Certified SkyAngel
  • I believe SkyAngels goes above and beyond to offer training in the skill needed to provide excellent service to guests. I felt supported and encouraged while learning new skills, and I have a new outlook on how I will interact with future clientele.
    — Lauren G., Certified SkyAngel
  • A challenging experience that opened my eyes to an entire industry and lifestyle I never related to before; amazing to learn and grow my skill set.
    — Chanae R., SKYacademy Graduate & Certified SkyAngel
  • Thank you for all your support and training, it has been paying off. I am so excited about this new career. This week I have a trip to London with a big trip to South Africa coming up soon!
    — Kate E., SKYacademy Graduate & Certified SkyAngel
  • Nicole was an amazing instructor. She is extremely helpful with all of her positive feedback and constructive critiques. Her information was clear, and she made class enjoyable. Nicole is truly an asset and a wonderful introduction to SkyAngels.
    — Emily D., SKYacademy Graduate & Certified SkyAngel
  • Life Changing!
    — Meredith, G., SKYacademy Graduate & Certified SkyAngel

Looking for Crew?

SkyAngels SKYcrew Network consists of Pilots and Flight Attendants that have been approved by SkyAngels and are committed to providing the highest level of safety and service in the Sky. Select from our network of SKYcrew and feel confident you will receive the highest level of service in the industry today.

Are you a crewmember?

Do you want to fly more? Join our SKYcrew network and get connected to over 2000+ industry professionals to help you soar in your career.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • SkyAngels have become like extended family to us and we have grown particularly fond of Steffany over the years. Her character is uncommon, her sincerity refreshing and her dedication to customer service is infectious.
    — Ashton Kutcher, Client
  • I remember thinking when Steffany first thought of the SkyAngels concept, “How do you make sure all SkyAngels are just like you?” But that is exactly the secret behind SkyAngels: they are consistently the most polished and thoughtful professionals in the sky. I never leave home without them.
    — Tucker T., Client
  • I love SkyAngels, that’s why I invested in the company. Private aviation continues to explode and hiring and training staff is a huge opportunity via the internet.
    — Dan Rosensweig, CEO of Chegg, Client and Investor


Use SkyAngels unique customizable ONLINE training platform to efficiently onboard crew, manage in-house training requirements, and ensure brand loyalty by delivering world-class service across your fleet

  • Efficiency tools to quickly and effectively train crew, onboard new crew and manage training.
  • Branded customer service training.
  • Crew sourcing - only the best fight crew soar as SKYcrew.
  • ONLINE training platform available to save you time and money.