Guest Blog Post: Natalie Mora (Soaring High)

It is still a bit hard to believe, within just one year, a decision to do something exciting, adventurous, challenging and rewarding turned into a reality as a flight attendant in the Los Angeles area. Building a career as a cabin attendant in the private aviation industry has helped me to realize how incredibly adaptable and persevering I can be. Understanding the limits you set in your mind is the first obstacle to overcoming them. Once you set your sights on the the sky, no one can tell you the limits.

skyangel in transit

After accepting my first call, for a trip over Thanksgiving weekend of last year to South Carolina, the infatuation with flying was at hand. The challenge and excitement is what drives me to keep a bag packed ready for any destination at any time 24/7.  

traveling the world for work

I love that it is solely up to me to provide an unforgettable experience from every ounce of preparation to each meticulous attention to detail, in what I like to call the perfect delivery of excellence to my guests. It is a pleasure and an honor to assist in each and every flight I can be a part of to create a lasting impression, repeat clients, and a lifetime of journeys that cannot be described but only experienced. I am grateful to have flown directly over the top of the Swiss Alps as the sun is rising or while shooting down into the Aspen, CO airport after fresh snow has been gently laid. I look forward to assisting over the next year of unforgettable experiences.  


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