Join Certified SkyAngel Maureen on Her First Flight

Wow! My first flight! I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited when I got the call I wanted to squeal and jump for joy. I just couldn’t contain my excitement. Finally, all my hard work and perseverance was paying off. I was more than ready to start soaring, but there was still so much more I knew I had to do to prepare for my flight. I was ready for this moment.

I was born for it!

It felt a little overwhelming at first – everything I had to remember, but I also knew that it would always be like this – the nervousness and excitement around making sure that I was doing everything I could to guarantee that my guests' every need would be met on the flight – that was my job and I loved the responsibility of it. 

The first thing I did was pull out my SkyAngels Manual that would walk me through every step of every stage of my flight. Much like pilots run through their checklist right before the flight to ensure a safe flight, I had mine that I had to execute flawlessly to ensure the guest had a lovely experience. I read and read and read some more, going over every page and detail and all my notes to make sure that I would provide a delightful experience for my guest and wow my pilots who had given me the opportunity to fly with them and one of their most VIP clients (of course all guests are VIPs), but I understood that these clients were very important to the pilots and the flight operator.

I was ready.

Once I was confirmed for the flight, the communication and details surrounding the flight just started flying in (pun intended), from catering details to guests requests to departure locations and times – there was so much information to take in, and I was a part of it all. I was in charge of flawlessly executing a seamless in-flight experience for our guests. I was loving every minute of it and every second that ticked by I was falling more and more in love with my new career. I felt so proud of myself for having the courage to step out of my safe place, apply to SKYacademy and take the first step in the rest of my life.

It was my time to shine!

With my SKYmentor, Steffany, giving me constant guidance and support throughout the preparation of my flight we selected a great local restaurant to source food from for the flight. I dined there to make sure the meal would be to the standards of my guests and then created a lovely menu to serve to my guest on their flight out to Seattle. Seattle! Me! Just for the night and just long enough for me to enjoy a delicious dinner overlooking the ocean with my pilots and just enough time to walk around Pike Place the following morning picking out more delicious food and treats to serve to my guest for their flight home. 

* Photo credit: Starving Photographer

* Photo credit: Starving Photographer

Wow! This was my life now!

Someone pinch me! I had taken the first step to the rest of my life which would now be filled with caring for the needs of my guests, creating a delightful private jet travel experience for them while getting paid to see and experience the world outside of my little bubble in South Lake Tahoe.

I was thrilled.

My first flight, with the guidance of my SKYmentor, and my encouraging and supportive pilots who good-naturedly teased “Well, we’ve all been there - we all have to have our first flight. You’ll do great!” aided in my success. Because of the support of everyone around me, I felt my nerves melt away and in their place a feeling of pure joy and elation.


I executed my first flight without a hitch – well, that’s not entirely true – there were hitches, this is private aviation after all. There is always something to troubleshoot, but I knew that in order to succeed in this industry, I had to think quick on my feet and execute my tasks effectively and efficiently at all times. There was no time to panic. I just had to let what I knew and learned at SKYacademy take over and run the show. I was taught that if I am not consistently thinking and planning 20 steps ahead I am 50 steps behind, always trying to catch up and never able to provide the experience to my guests that they so desire and deserve. So, I remained calm and I was always 20 steps ahead.

* Photo credit: Starving Photographer

* Photo credit: Starving Photographer

It was a whirlwind.

The guests arrived and the next thing I knew we were up in the air and I was up performing the roles of a SkyAngel with passion, grace, and a smile on my face - a BIG smile. I was doing it! Yes! During the flight, it all came together for me and I knew that I had received the training I needed in order to succeed. That combined with the support of my SKYmentor and my pilots I was sure to succeed all I had to do was put everything I had learned together. It worked! I couldn't have asked for a better first flight. It went by so fast and before I knew it, it was time for me to secure the cabin and take my seat. When I sat down I took a deep breath, looked out the window over Seattle and smiled so big!

I did it!

I was soaring on cloud nine. I know that being determined and keeping a positive attitude aided in my success in landing my first flight as well as seamlessly caring for my guests to ensure they had a flight that left them with a smile on their face as well. I cannot wait to soar again. My advice to all of you who are considering a career as a cabin attendant in private aviation or are dreaming of your first flight after completing your training and earning your certifications is don’t give up. Go after it with all you have and with all your heart. You will LOVE it!

Written by Maureen