How to pack like a SkyAngel.

Living a life of a SkyAngel changes the way you think about packing. Everything has a purpose and a proper place; if not- it doesn’t go. Frequently pilots and line crew say, “Wow this is the lightest Cabin Attendant suitcase I’ve ever carried!” in which I respond, “I’m a SkyAngel, I know how to pack.” 

You can too, just put on your thinking cap and follow these steps…

Or, just watch this video:

Essentials [ALWAYS]

  • Passport
  • Toiletries
  • Uniform
  • Chargers 
  • SkyAngels Kit + Business Cards, Notebook, Pen


Be prepared ESSENTIALS

  • Bathing suit + sandals
  • ONE pair of PJs
  • ONE warm jacket
  • ONE pants
  • ONE shorts
  • ONE skirt/dress
  • ONE long sleeve 
  • ONE workout attire
  • Couple multi-use shirts (casual & formal)
  • Hat/Beanie (depending on season)
  • Sunglasses


Tips of the trade: 

  • Polyester blends don’t wrinkle as much and you can hand wash them in your hotel before bed and they will be dry by morning! 
  • You don’t need a pair of undergarments for everyday, sometimes I’m on the road for weeks - learn to hand wash!
  • Stick with simple colors and solids that mix and match with all your apparel
  • I have double of my chargers & toiletries so what I have in my suitcase always stays there ready to go!
  • If you are serious about being a private cabin attendant your bag should ALWAYS be packed in your car at all times- ready to go.
  • And always leave room in your bag, you never know what treasures you will find along the way :)


Ok I’m not going to hide anything from you, I have some SECRET CONFESSIONS in my bag… might not be for you but don’t judge.

I hate to iron but have to stay pressed so I travel with a Mini-Steamer ($19.99). I get all my flight paperwork done on the road so I always bring my 13” MacBook Air (also fits in my purse which I love). I enjoy playing with my hair so I have a travel-size wand ($19.99) as well as all my special hair/face products I can’t leave without so I use lots of travel-size containers (silicone BPA free, squeezable) as well as always keep a laundry bag for my essentials. I’m obsessed with wearing Cozy Socks whenever I’m in my room. Lastly, my GoPro for the adventures and my journal to inspire, grow and cherish each day. 

See you in the Sky~ 

Your SkyAngel Nicole