Shannah - Flight Attendant


Shannah - Flight Attendant


Location(s): San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles County

Language(s): English

Passport: US Passport

Certified SkyAngel: Yes

Availability: Full-time and contract flights

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Shannah is a hard working, committed Certified Sky Angel. Shannah prides herself on providing quality and efficiency to the highest standards. Challenging herself to push boundaries and create the ultimate experience. Shannah has 8 years in the customer service industry, providing experiences, leaving lasting impressions, and upholding high standards. In addition to her years in customer service,

Shannah also has a passion for art and dance. Growing up as a dancer taught her grace, strength, persistence, dedication, adaptability, and accountability. All are traits that Shannah puts into everything she does. Shannah has a love for cooking, baking, and making everything look good. Which, paired with her detail oriented, resourceful, and task driven attributes, it makes for a fabulous experience for her guests.

Training & Certification:

SkyAngels Hospitality & In-flight Services Training

SkyAngels General Emergency Crewmember Training

SkyAngels G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training

CPR/AED/Heartsaver Certification

GHS OSHA Training

Food Safety & Handling Certification