Robert - Pilot


Robert - Pilot


Location(s): Virgina

Language(s): English

Passport: US Passport

Availability: Contract flights.

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Robert "Rob" began flying very young, standing on the seat to be able to see over the instrument panel in his father’s airplane. He has followed his passion for aviation throughout his professional career. After graduating from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Technology, he spent 2 years flying for Piedmont Airlines and Midway Airlines. When Midway went bankrupt, Rob went on to start his own company providing on-demand charter and flight instruction. Since 2013, Rob has been flying Falcon 50s and 900s all around the country and overseas. Rob found enjoyment in the corporate jet world and never looked back.

Training & Certification:

Airline Transport Pilot, ASMEL, Certificate # 3107733

DA-50 (Falcon 50, 50EX, 900B, 900EX)

Flight Instructor, ASME, Instrument Airplane, Certificate # 3107733

Flight Engineer, Turbojet Powered, Certificate # 3107733

Ground Instructor, Advanced and Instrument, Certificate # 3107733

First Class Medical, no restrictions, vision 20/20