Nicole - Flight Attendant


Nicole - Flight Attendant


Location(s): The Greater Los Angeles Area, San Diego, Bay Area

Language(s): English, Spanish

Passport: US Passport

Certified SkyAngel: Yes

Availability: Contract flights.

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Nicole has been with SkyAngels since its inception and plays a big part in the company's success. A woman of many talents, Nicole approaches everything she does with a tenacity and vivaciousness that few around her fail to notice. As SkyAngels SKYmentor & Trainer, Nicole, masters the role of training and mentoring her fellow Angels to be the best this industry has to offer. She is extremely passionate about each Angel's success wearing many hats to fulfill the needs of the Angel's learning style while supporting SkyAngels exacting standards and making sure that her guests are pampered while in her care.

Training & Certification:

SkyAngels Hospitality & In-flight Services Training

SkyAngels General Emergency Crewmember Training

SkyAngels G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training

CPR/AED/Heartsaver Certification

GHS OSHA Training

Food Safety & Handling Certification