Lacy - Flight Attendant


Lacy - Flight Attendant


Location(s): Texas

Language(s): English

Passport: US Passport

Certified SkyAngel: Yes

Availability: Full-time and contract flights

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Lacy is hard-working, reliable and intuitive. With great care for her guests, she builds trusting and valuable relationships. She has excelled in high end and executive customer service for over 14 years, specializing in fine wine. Lacy is innovative, a natural at adapting to any situation and will go above and beyond to exceed her clients’ needs. She will create a custom, enjoyable flight experience tailored to the guest(s). Whether traveling for a few hours or weeks at a time, Lacy will be your right hand, acting as your second in command whenever needed. Relax and enjoy your flight with ease when you fly with Lacy. When she’s not hosting in the cabin, Lacy is studying to become a pilot, herself!

Training & Certification:

SkyAngels Hospitality & In-flight Services Training

SkyAngels General Emergency Crewmember Training

SkyAngels G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training

CPR/AED/Heartsaver Certification

GHS OSHA Training

Food Safety & Handling Certification

Fine Wine