Ezra - Flight Attendant


Ezra - Flight Attendant


Location(s): California

Language(s): English, Spanish

Passport: US Passport

Certified SkyAngel: Yes

Availability: Full-time and contract flights

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Ezra leaves a lasting, positive impression with everyone he meets. He genuinely enjoys serving others both personally and professionallyEzra provides a specifically tailored safe and enjoyable trip for all those onboard every flight. Experience in fine dining, restaurant operation, hospitality, and professional education, Ezra is able to craft a memorable experience for his guests because of his level of care, creativity and service. His experience includes working with Pebble Beach, Squaw Valley, and under a ZAGAT acclaimed Bay Area chef. He successfully built a real estate cleanup company and sold it after reaching #1 on Google. Ezra previously owned a cafe above the FBO in Redding CA at the Benton Airpark. Both of his grandfathers served in the U.S.A.F, one a TWA pilot for over years, and his father is a private pilot, His experience gives him a unique understanding of aviation as well as the skills necessary to anticipate the needs of his guests while providing exceptional service. Ezra is a true pleasure to be around and is an excellent selection for any private jet traveler.

Training & Certification:

SkyAngels Hospitality and In-Flight Services Training

SkyAngels General Emergency Crewmember Training

SkyAngels G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training

CPR/AED/Heartsaver Certification

Food Safety & Handling Certification