Tiffany - Flight Attendant


Tiffany - Flight Attendant


Location(s): AZ, NV, CA

Language(s): English, Spanish

Passport: US Passport

Certified SkyAngel: Yes

Availability: Full-time and contract flights

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Tiffany lives by the famous Steve Jobs Quote “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. She embodies the very essence of that to ensure she conveys leadership and innovation in all that she does. Apart from being the ingenious individual that she is Tiffany is also fluent in spanish which is quintessential for clients in need of a bilingual stewardess . When it comes to customer service Tiffany has an extensive background with over 8 years of experience in several fields ranging from brand ambassador for multiple elite liquor brands, to promotional modeling, and event planning to name a few.

The fact that Tiffany is no stranger to dealing with Elite clientele sets her apart from anyone else. Tiffany delivers an uncompromising degree of service, security, comfort , and confidentiality ideal for a distinguished clientele.Tiffany understands that when it comes to the clients needs anticipation and knowing what is needed before asked is one of the key components to a successful flight experience. She will always make sure the client is satisfied because her attention to detail, ability to work under pressure, can-do attitude , problem solving skills, and her tenacity to overcome any and every obstacle thrown her way will leave a lasting impression on all that book her as their private flight attendant. Tiffany is the real deal and if having an experience like none other is what you desire then she is the the flight attendant for you.

Training & Certification:

SkyAngels Hospitality & In-flight Services Training

SkyAngels General Emergency Crewmember Training

SkyAngels G550 Evacuation Crewmember Training

CPR/AED/Heartsaver Certification

GHS OSHA Training

Food Safety & Handling Certification