Attending SkyAngels was the best decision I made

“A year later, I am headed back to the Napa Valley for a flight. Arrive tomorrow and stay until Tuesday. While prepping for the flight today the Captain said, “I wish our company would send all of our girls to SkyAngels, or hire more from there.” Attending SkyAngels was the best decision I made, when it came to picking a place to be better equipped in this field.” - Rachel, Certified SkyAngel

Maureen, Certified Corporate Flight Attendant

"I walked away from training with so much more than I could have asked for. I am excited to network with all of you. I could go on and on about how positive this experience has been. Thank you for the tools and empowerment!" - Maureen, Certified SkyAngel

Kara, Certified Corporate Flight Attendant

"I’m grateful for the opportunity and after going through SKYacademy, so glad to have picked you (and you me!). At the very end of training, you very eloquently gave a motivational send-off, and while you were talking, I was so struck by how sincerely you care about your SkyAngel’s success. It’s a wonderful trait about you and what you have created."

- Kara, Certified SkyAngel

Antoinette, Certified Corporate Flight Attendant

"Steffany and Nicole bring class and charm to their peak during SKYacademy training. What a transformative experience! These ladies go above and beyond to provide their guests an exceptional experience and to ensure that all SkyAngels hold themselves to that same standard. I am beyond proud to be a SkyAngel and to carry the these lessons with me into my career."

- Antoinette, Certified SkyAngel