Guest Blog Post: Laura Perez (Soar High, SkyAngel)

From the moment the phone rings with a request for a trip, the standard is set. The manner in which a SkyAngel plans, communicates, prepares and executes should all be performed at 100%. To set the tone for what a SkyAngel has to offer, one must exude excellence in all that she does. This is the basis for what sets SkyAngels at the top, ‘’Soaring high’’.

But what about the in-betweens? As a contract cabin attendant, I quickly learned that a great interview does not guarantee a flight or that flying for the first time with a company, does not guarantee a second trip. There are several factors that affect both. For example; experience, other cabin attendants in the rotation, number of trips scheduled through the operator, as well as chemistry between myself, pilots, and guests. This can easily become discouraging especially as a new cabin attendant. It takes persistence, networking, failure, ongoing words of encouragement, watching those around you succeed, seeking advice, and a willingness to listen and learn.

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From an early age, society teaches us to surround ourselves with people that are doing what we aspire to do. The saying goes, “You Become Who You Hang Out With.” The scenario remains the same as a SkyAngel. It is imperative to remain close to the fire and those who are connected within the industry to be successful in the world of private aviation. Launching and maintaining a career as a private cabin attendant is not an easy task. It requires hard work, persistence, dedication, and inspiration. Nothing worth having comes easy. Sometimes this requires doing things that are out of our comfort zone.

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For me, this was networking. This can be a daunting task especially as a rookie in a room of seasoned aviation pros. I tried to think of all the ways I could make this career work without having to do the necessary. My list was empty. It was time to face my fears and make this dream a reality. I soon realized the key to my success was not as overwhelming and frightening as I imagined. It is amazing how many doors open for you the second you decide to face your fears and do what you thought was impossible.

Thanks to Steffany, our MamaAngel, we can stay connected to our fellow SkyAngels or “SisterAngels” through various social media platforms. Watching your peers succeed is one of the most motivating and inspiring aspects of being successful. This incredible group of ladies is undeniably supportive of one another and it truly makes one want to forever be a part of the family. It is an honor to be affiliated with such remarkable leaders.

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I am thankful to have found a group of SkyAngels in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to run with. We have watched each other grow through this incredible journey. There have been many ups and downs, excitement, tears, and laughs. There have been moments when I doubted myself and wondered what on earth I have gotten myself into. With the love and support from this incredible group of women, I am reminded daily of how to keep soaring. Watching them succeed is a constant reminder to me to keep pounding the pavement and not to give up.

And so SkyAngels, I look forward to our continued comradery as we continue to chase our dreams together. Soar High!

By Laura Perez

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