Significance of SkyAngels Wing


As you may know, the SkyAngels' logo is an angel wing. Every graduate of SkyAngels SKYacademy receives their wing upon successfully graduating from our program. To graduate SKYacademy is no small feat, not all of the students who attend our training earn their wings, but for those who do, upon graduation, are given a gold wing to signify their commitment to make luxury travel more delightful for the private jet traveler. So, if you are a flight operator, broker, pilot, or aircraft owner and see the SkyAngels wing necklace around the neck of one of our Certified SkyAngels, you can rest assured she has the passion, drive, and commitment to provide a Delightful Experience for the private jet traveler, always putting her best foot forward. 

Nicole, SkyAngel

As a SkyAngel, we wear them as a key component of our uniform on the aircraft. We love the pride we feel when we wear the SkyAngels wing so much so that we wear it all the time, wherever we go in the world. 

It's easy for the wing to catch the eye of those we meet, eliciting many compliments and questions about its significance. We get this question so frequently that we decided it's time to share with everyone what the wing means and represents to us.

You can check out Steffany, Founder/CEO, and Nicole, COO and SKYmentor of SkyAngels sharing the importance of the wing to our company and the industry. 

We look forward to the opportunity to soar high with you and if you see one of our Certified SkyAngels wearing the wing, say hi! We love meeting new people everywhere we go.