Parents Perspective on Private Aviation

Are your parents/family a significant part of your life? Do they weigh in on your future career decisions? Well, mine do! 

Juggling family, friends and flying IS possible and takes a good amount of energy but I have always been close to my siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and, grandparents and will continue to be. In my opinion, you don't have to give up your family values to be in Private Aviation.  You simply learn to do things a little differently then you would if you were working a 9 to 5 job.

Family vacation
Family time

For example, I do all my bills, errands, etc. on the road so when I am home I can give my loved ones my undivided attention and time. The moment I know I will be home I start making plans IMMEDIATELY to see my special people. Where other people might cancel if they 'just don't feel like it'- I am jumping into people's lives and making sure I catch up for coffee/brunch/lunch/dinner or simply babysitting my nieces/nephews for that special auntie time every time I am home. In fact, being away from home makes coming home so special and you will quickly learn to appreciate those closest to you that much more.

Seeing family

I am grateful that private aviation has taught me how to be spontaneous, seize the day, and cherish moments with people because you never know when the next flight will pop up! Yes, sometimes I miss special events or have to skip dinners out with my best girlfriends as I am called away on a flight out to Hawaii, so, when I am home, this encourages me to create special events with and for those I love so I can spend that extra time with them when I am home.

There are other perks to the exclusive career as a Corporate Flight Attendant. For instance, I had a six day trip in Cabo this week and invited my mother to fly out on the airlines to stay with me at my beautiful five-star resort. It was so much fun and so special. We had an incredible time laying by the pool, sunset walks on the  beach, and I even taught her some of my favorite on-the-road workout routines, and I did this all while I was "working" - meaning I was also getting paid to have this wonderful experience with my mom.


While we relaxed in Cabo together I realized that my mother had a very different perspective of my job, what I do, and how it affects her and my family.

If you are thinking about making a move into private aviation my mother, as always, had some pretty insightful information for you I would like to share in this video

As you launch your new career or if you are considering launching a new career in private aviation, are your friends and family encouraging you to take the next step? Hopefully, they are but if they are not, perhaps watching the video about what my mom had to say about my career will help ease their mind. If you've already earned your wings, keep soaring ladies, and if not, Sign-up here and earn your wings today.