Meet Heather, Featured SKYcrew

Heather is one committed lady and is truly dedicated to her career as a SkyAngel. You will not find a more hard working or team oriented crewmember to compliment the rest of your team. Heather brings passion to everything she does and certainly aims to please everyone she comes into contact with, always treating everyone with equal respect and attention. She is a true professional. 

Creating these magical moments while traveling is a privilege I do not take lightly and the adventure I’ve always been looking for.


There are so many exciting perks in this career, what do you love most about being a flight attendant in private aviation?

I love being a part of what makes someone smile and every trip is an opportunity to do just that. There can be magic in every interaction, all it takes is some thoughtfulness to show each guest that you care. Creating these magical moments while traveling is a privilege I do not take lightly and the adventure I've always been looking for.


We fly with the world’s industry leaders and influencers. Their safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance, tell us what kinds of special touches you love to do to ensure your guests have a delightful travel experience when they fly with you.

Every person I interact with is important to me and making sure they feel important and appreciated is my priority. I always go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. Anticipating needs and tailoring specifically to the needs of my guests to ensure they have a wonderful experience brings me joy I never knew could be.


As Corporate Flight Crew, working within the exclusive world of Private Aviation, we are lucky to have the opportunity to explore the world and go places others dream of seeing, what has been your most favorite destination(s) you have flown to and why?

Puerto Rico is beautiful. I love history and learning about different places and cultures. Perhaps stemming from my love for people, I enjoy getting to know people from all over the world and how their stories began. When I go to a new place I seek out information by visiting historical places, museums, local marketplaces and favored local restaurants. While in Puerto Rico, I toured Old San Juan, soaking in the history and exploring the Cobblestone roads and once active military forts. It was fascinating to be able to read and experience so much history and culture in such a small place. I continue to read everything everywhere I go to broaden my perspective on the world and with private aviation, the sky is literally the limit on the various cultures and people I have the opportunity to learn about.

Heather traveling

As flight crew, we get to eat at some pretty amazing restaurants. What has been your favorite dining experience? 

While traveling, I've always found that everywhere you go people enjoy coffee. There is a sense of camaraderie around a cup of coffee. Everywhere in the world, people share ideas, heartbreaks, first dates, early mornings, and lives with each other over cups of coffee. Everywhere I go I find the best spot I can and order a cup of coffee just the way they would serve to the locals. In Puerto Rico, they enjoy their coffee a bit stronger than I'm used to but that opened my eyes to a clever way to explore and discover a new place I visit. Next time you find yourself walking down the streets of Old San Juan stop into Don Ruiz. The decor is beautiful with wonderful jazz music filtering through the doors, luring you in from the street with the scent of fresh from the farm coffee made for what seems, made just especially for you.


If a client is interested in booking you for a trip, which airports do you service? Are you willing to relocate for contract flights? Full-time positions?

I live within an hour of most Southern California airports including Van Nuys, Long Beach, Burbank, Ontario, Orange County and LAX. I am willing to relocate for contracts flights as well.