Meet Devin, Featured SKYcrew & Certified SkyAngel

Devin puts her heart into everything she does. This lady soared at SkyAngels SKYacademy when it came to Service Excellence and putting together creative and beautifully presented meals to her guests. We know you will love having her on your flight, caring for your every need with perfect precision. Learn more about Devin and some of her favorite places to explore and enjoy! 

There are so many exciting perks in this career, what do you love most about being a pilot/cabin attendant in private aviation?

What I love most is that I am able to deliver an unforgettable experience to my guests. Starting and ending their journeys in the best way possible. To sweeten the deal, I get to ride along on the journey with them while simultaneously discovering the world first-hand! Most of all, the array of unique people I meet are what makes the experience memorable. Everyone has a different story to tell and many gifts to share.



We fly with the world’s industry leaders and influencers. Their safety and satisfaction is of the utmost importance, tell us what kinds of special touches you love to do to ensure your guests have a delightful travel experience when they fly with you.

Their plane is their home; I want to make them feel as comfortable as possible! From entering the plane with the smell of freshly baked cookies, guests can settle in at ease with a warm, welcoming towelette along with important information they may want to know including: flight time, weather conditions, general safety procedures, and today’s menu. Keeping my guests informed serves for a more relaxing experience. I ensure the cabin is filled with their favorite snacks and drinks made with all organic ingredients including any requested meals. If we are on a lengthy flight I like to provide, warm blankets, cozy socks, eye masks infused with lavender essential oil, and perhaps a chocolate mint. Please leave all of the thinking to me! Your job is to enjoy :)

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Exploring the world


As Flight Crew, working within the exclusive world of Private Aviation, we are lucky to have the opportunity to explore the world and go places others dream of seeing, what has been your most favorite destination(s) you have flown to and why?

From a handful of destinations I’ve had the privilege to visit, I would have to say Oxford, England was my most memorable; it was my first time leaving the U.S.! Its history dating back as far as times before Christ was fascinating to witness. I then understood how “young” the United States truly was. In addition, even though both countries use the English language, British culture is vastly different than American. The terminology and words British use in conversation have completely different meanings and connotations than how Americans speak. Because of this eye-opening experience, Oxford became a turning point in my life where I then realized I wanted to travel the world!


As flight crew, we get to eat at some pretty amazing restaurants. What has been your favorite dining experience? (Include the name, city, and country.)

My favorite dining experience was at a restaurant called El Farrallon at The Resort at Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The restaurant was entirely outdoor on a cliffside listening to waves crashing in the background against a beautiful sunset. This restaurant was unique because you ordered your meal right at the kitchen! The catch of the day was beautifully displayed over ice so you could pick out the exact cut of meat for your meal, which included lots of exotic fish I had never seen! The entire experience from beginning to end was 5 star. The authenticity of the staff combined with local flavors and dishes truly make for a memorable trip to Mexico.

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If a client is interested in booking you for a trip, which airports do you service? Are you willing to relocate for contract flights? Full-time positions?

I am available at most airports in Southern California including Burbank (BUR), Van Nuys (VNY), Los Angeles (LAX), Long Beach (LBG), and Orange County (SNA). I am also willing to relocate for full-time positions as well as contract flights if the traveling expenses are reimbursed.


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