A Look into Luxury Travel. Is it right for you? Find out.

How Is Luxury Travel Different?

Luxury travel is a better way to fly. Seeing the world is a goal that many people have and luxury travel can make that happen in a unique and wonderful way. While luxury travel is not inexpensive, it can elevate the travel experience to new levels, making it well worth the added expense. Every single person should aspire to try luxury travel at some point, as it is an experience in and of itself and the memories will last a lifetime.

What Is Luxury Travel?

Luxury travel means something different to every single traveler. Some travelers may value eating specific foods on a flight and wish to fly with friends, family, and pets in an aircraft with a large cabin and many amenities. Others may value traveling alone or with a small group onboard a very fast aircraft that can reach the destination quickly. Luxury travel means traveling in such a way that these types of needs and preferences, as well as many others, are addressed to create a better experience.

Luxury aviation specialist work one-on-one with travelers to find out exactly what would make a travel experience better for that particular person or group. Many elements of the trip are considered, including the food that will be served while in flight, child care and pet care that may be needed, and any special requests that may make a traveler feel more comfortable. Luxury aviation specialist go the extra mile to make sure that everything about the flight is tailored to suit the traveler’s tastes.

Luxury Travel versus Commercial Travel

Commercial travel is generally inexpensive compared to luxury travel. However, many personal comforts are sacrificed with commercial travel. Commercial travel will also invariably cause travelers to spend many hours on unenjoyable activities such as clearing security checkpoints and looking into luggage restrictions. Essentially, commercial travel is something that is endured to get to a destination while luxury travel is a pleasant journey that helps the vacation get started even before departure.

Luxury Travel versus Personal Airplane

For travelers that have the money to fly on their own terms, a personal airplane may seem to offer a preferable solution. However, luxury travel offers many advantages over owning and operating a personal aircraft while still meeting most of the qualities that make owning a personal airplane desirable. Luxury travel allows travelers to fly when it is convenient without dealing with the hassles of a large airport but eliminates the need to worry about things like aircraft insurance, certifications, and maintenance.

Additionally, working with a luxury aviation specialist provides travelers with a “friend on the inside.” This knowledgeable individual can make recommendations and arrange the purchase of specially requested items to enhance the travel experience. The luxury aviation specialist will also work tirelessly to provide a seamless and worry-free trip, handling issues so that the traveler can simply enjoy the experience.

One such company, if you are flying private, is SkyAngels. Luxury Travelers can request a Certified SkyAngel on their private jet. A Certified SkyAngel has been specially trained at  SkyAngels exclusive SKYacademy to provide the highest level of safety and service in the sky today. Certified SkyAngels in addition to their role as a cabin attendant specialize in the skills and knowledge to act as a personal travel assistant, ensuring that the experience is seamless in the sky and on land.

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