Fly with Karalee, Certified SkyAngel & Featured SKYcrew

There are too many great things to share about Karalee. It would take all day to list the many qualities that make this SkyAngel so special, but one thing is for certain this woman always has a smile on her face, takes challenges as an opportunity for growth and finds true pleasure in making sure that those in her presence leave with a smile on their face. Kara is always looking for new and exciting ways to make certain that her private jet in-flight guests have a truly delightful experience. Kara, finds adventure in everything. When she's not tending to the needs of her guests you can watch her kitesurfing and enjoying the freedom and lifestyle of a Corporate Flight Attendant. Enjoy getting to know this spirited SkyAngel in the following interview.

There are so many exciting perks in this career, what do you love most about being a flight attendant in private aviation?

I love people, and love that even the littlest act of kindness has the power to improve someone’s day. The possibility of combining my love for travel with my fascination and happiness over working with guests is probably why I stayed in a career that I only meant to do for a couple of years. Nothing is ever the same in this job, and there is beauty and hook to that. And, I never have to sit behind a desk.


We fly with the world’s industry leaders and influencers. Their safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance, tell us what kinds of special touches you love to do to ensure your guests have a delightful travel experience when they fly with you.

I’ve learned through eight years of flying and constantly being around people, how much it matters to maintain an energy of joy and positivity; while anticipating my guests needs and always doing my work with a smile. I make each guest feel important by fulfilling requests and remembering what each individual appreciates and does not enjoy. Being raised in a Vegan home, I like to introduce guests to healthy fare and fresh squeezed juice cocktails. This is one of the many unique touches I bring to the skies as a SkyAngel.



As Flight Crew, working within the exclusive world of Private Aviation, we are lucky to have the opportunity to explore the world and go places others dream of seeing, what has been your most favourite destination(s) you have flown to and why?

I adore London, UK. It’s quite a special place and from London, the entire world is at an adventurer’s fingertips. One can go anywhere! Other destinations that always have me in awe, inspired, or entertained are Maui, Hawaii; Palawan, Philippines; Zadar, Croatia; Barcelona, Spain; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Lisbon, Portugal. I love any place where I can kite board or any destinations that with European flair and a relaxed vibe.



As flight crew, we get to eat at some pretty amazing restaurants. What has been your favorite dining experience? 

For a small city, Copenhagen, Denmark makes its mark in the culinary scene by claiming some of the top dining establishments in the entire world; including the likes of Noma and Restaurant Geranium. Across the spectrum— from high-end fare to quiet corner cafes and the quaint ‘Is Haus’— Copenhagen has it all including my absolute favorite; Parterre. Located along the main canal in Christianshavn, Parterre is a casual café that serves the best Lactose-free Cappuccinos and typical Danish toast generously topped with avocado, fresh dill, chives, and accessorized by lemon wedges and baby tomatoes. I love this place, as it is the most inviting and cozy spot to sit and watch the beautiful Danes walk by while enjoying a delicious breakfast or a light lunch.


If a client is interested in booking you for a trip, which airports do you service? Are you willing to relocate for contract flights? Full-time positions?

I am available for contract flights or full-time positions as a cabin attendant in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and greater Miami areas; including PBI, BCT, FXE, FLL. I am willing to relocate for all flights or positions, with a special interest in opportunities out of London, UK and Geneva, Switzerland.

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