A sneak peek into "Becoming a SkyAngel". Join Kara on her journey!

Kara and I first sat down at a little coffee shop in Santa Monica six years ago to talk about SkyAngels and her joining the team - she is someone you will instantly adore. Her smile, laughter, and love for life is contagious and I couldn't wait to have her become a part of the SkyAngels' family. Sadly, Kara wasn't ready then and instead followed in her mother's footsteps and became a Commerical Flight Attendant.

Blogger and Owner of The Flight Attendant Life, Kara, is a woman who succeeds at everything she puts her heart into and I couldn't have been more excited when I received an email from her a few weeks ago saying she was finally ready and excited to begin her career as a Certified SkyAngel and fly around the world as a cabin attendant on private jets. Congrats, Kara, on being accepted into SkyAngels SKYacademy! We are so excited to watch you soar high!

Curious what it takes to become a Certified SkyAngel?

Follow Kara's journey as she blogs about her experience.  This is the beginning of her story...

Jasmine and I chatted as the music wafted through the beach bar and gastropub, while I found myself once again caught between time zones and battling my eyelids to stay open. Jasmine would soon know this trap firsthand. The newly graduated commercial flight attendant’s eyes glimmered with excitement, and her voice sparkled with anticipation. Her joy and hope palpable; beating louder than the base notes that carried the posse of party goers into the night.

I loved Jasmine's energy. I remembered having that energy and excitement when flight attendant life was completely new for me.

Trying on the uniform for the first time. 

My IOE. 

Moving to a new base. 

Finding a place to live. 

My first trip.

It was like nothing else. It was a special place and moment in time. I knew I needed to find that place again. I knew that I must find my glitter within flying, or I wouldn't make it much longer. I felt stale and tired in my career. Those feelings had seeped into my soul and my writing. It had been too many months of crying on the jumpseat, dreading work, and hating that uniform. Regardless of how lucky I am, blessed to have my job and enjoy the destinations, I was burnt out, discouraged, and stagnant. I needed something. 

And when you need something, that's when the universe conspires to help you find it (Paulo Coehlo).

I didn't feel like that something was another commercial airline at the moment. I didn't believe it wise to simply focus on my kiteboarding and writing as those are my two passions, and I want to keep my love for them sacred. I've toyed with the idea of going back to school and studying for my doctorate of Physical Therapy, but the student loans are a daunting proposition. And the flying lifestyle is something I am so accustomed to; it's pretty cool and incredible. All of these aspects and timing have come together to make it clear in my mind that the way to better myself and my career— adding new life, excitement, and income— is to become a cabin attendant in the private aviation sector. 

In the span of one week, from having no thoughts that private aviation would be part of my own story (although I've toyed with the idea for years) to being accepted— I submitted an application, paid for the training, signed up for the classes, and decided this is happening.

And, all of this couldn't be accomplished without the help of people in my life which I am so thankful for. Timing is good to do this, although not perfect. I had to take a loan from Mom & Dad to pay for the training; determined to pay them back within the first month of work. I don't know how everything will work with my airline schedule. I don't know how it will be having both that, private flights, and my new boyfriend in LA. But, I'm not worried or doubting. I don't care about the uncertainties and challenges. I simply want this. I want it so much and that level desire assists in the path to success. It also assists in lifting my spirits. It's amazing.

I'm finally excited again; excited like I was for my first airline job. I'm nervous (in a good way). I'm glad they will teach me how to open a bottle of wine in addition to safety on private jets. I'll be training with SkyAngels' SKYAcademy based out of Oakland, California and documenting the experience as I go. You can visit the dedicated page on this website for more information on this topic. You will find features, blogs, and videos on all aspects of private aviation and my journey into this industry. Please remember to sign-up for the newsletter that will offer daily updates and tidbits regarding the how-tos and happenings of training with SkyAngels and becoming a private cabin attendant.

Follow Kara's journey here.

If you have been looking and dreaming of changing careers, tired of the grind, cubicles, the same faces, and stale coffee perhaps it's time to begin your own journey and become a Certified SkyAngel, today! Learn more here if this is the right career move for you and apply. Soar high!