It’s flight day. It’s your time to shine.

Once a flight is confirmed there is so much that goes into creating a delightful experience for the private jet traveler. It is amazing how many moving parts there are and how many different individuals are juggling these moving parts in order to create a flawless flight. A lot can go wrong, but a lot has to go perfectly in order to bring all these moving parts together to create a safe and enjoyable trip experience for the luxury traveler.

The role of a Corporate Flight Attendant is no small feat. Once a SkyAngel is confirmed for a flight, it is game on! They are responsible for making sure everyone’s efforts have not gone to waste by ensuring that the guests have a delightful in-flight experience.

A SkyAngel is the front line ambassador representing everyone who is involved in the execution of the flight; Flight Operator, Broker, Executive Assistant, Dispatcher, Schedulers, Pilots, etc. By the time the guests arrive she must be 110% prepared to tend to the needs of the guests. The moment the guests arrive to their awaiting private jet the baton has been passed to the corporate flight attendant. It is now their responsibility to ensure that all the requests and expectations of all involved are met, most importantly she must be prepared to WOW.

"How does she do it?!"

A SkyAngel, immediately, upon confirmation of a flight, will begin to complete the tasks required to ensure that she WOWs the guest. She will start by learning as much as she can about the guests from the broker/assistant/flight operator, and other sources so that she can customize the flight experience to the guests specific needs and preferences. She will then get to work planning the catering that was requested, picking up specially requested items as well as taking into consideration other thoughtful touches that she can add to the flight experience to make her guests smile.

This is the fun part! This is where a SkyAngel shines!

Taking care that everything she does is for the effort of wowing the guests. A SkyAngel is taught to source catering from restaurants and specialty grocery stores, and when necessary or requested from an aviation catering company.

In addition to the requests of her guests, she is also responsible for making sure that the aircraft is stocked with the items necessary for her to implement a flawless flight experience.

If a guest requests KRUG on the flight you can bet that the SkyAngel is picking up champagne glasses. If a client is a tea drinker, the SkyAngel is picking up the finest teas and the proper equipment to brew the perfect cup of tea. Perhaps the private jet traveler has requested espresso, but the aircraft doesn’t have an espresso machine, well then, she’s picking one up.  Night flight? You can bet a SkyAngel has purchased PJs, comfy socks, eye masks, and ear plugs for the guests so that they can sleep comfortably during the flight.

The role of a SkyAngel is so much bigger than the norm of the industry. A SkyAngel goes to great lengths to ensure the guests leave the aircraft feeling pampered and cared for. This is her greatest responsibility, but it is not her only responsibility. In addition to the hospitality she offers to her guests, a SkyAngel must also be prepared to assist and care for her guest in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Training

In short, a SkyAngel is like Wonder Woman – a nickname we have affectionately earned from one of our client’s Executive Assistant, because, as she says “we make her life so much easier [when her boss is flying]."  A compliment that makes us blush with pride.

There is no greater accomplishment for a SkyAngel than when she is able to represent the efforts of everyone involved in the execution of a flight by creating a delightful in-flight experience for the guests. One that makes everyone’s efforts come together flawlessly for the private jet traveler.

Come soar high with SkyAngels! Your jet awaits you...

Suitcases before a SkyAngel flight