Ready to Soar - My Experience at SKYacademy

Blogger and Owner of The Flight Attendant Life, Kara recently graduated from SKYacademy as a Certified SkyAngel. This is a follow-up to her journey training with SkyAngels SKYacademy.

Initially, when I committed to SKYacademy and the four-day training to be a certified cabin attendant, I thought nonchalantly— “How hard could this be?” I almost feel embarrassed admitting that now. 

I wouldn’t say that the training to become a SkyAngel was “hard,” as “hard” implies a negative connotation. In contrast, better descriptive words would include terms like:  eye-opening, a positive challenge, rewarding, encouraging, constructive, demanding, fun, detailed, and excellence focused. It’s incredible how much one can learn in four days, while at the same time, realizing how much there is to still learn. 

At moments, each one of us needs a challenge in our lives to inspire us to hope and dream. I thought SKYacademy would be a checkbox on my way to the next goal, and instead, it has somehow encouraged me to believe in my career and myself again. For what seemed like too long, I had been feeling trapped and stagnant in my job as an International Flight Attendant. I wanted to bring new life into the industry of aviation that I loved so much and my career as a flight attendant. Turning to private aviation was the solution I chose to readjust my path. After completing the training, what I have noticed readjusted the most is myself. I am more hopeful, purposeful, and determined. 

I didn’t expect these thoughts and feelings to be a byproduct of my training experience, but I’m thankful that they have blossomed. I believe my new positive outlook can be attributed to the training environment at SKYacademy. I have never been in a more supportive training atmosphere that is so conducive to learning. Mistakes and areas of weakness are pointed out, but only in a constructive manner. All of the SkyAngel trainees are excited and want to be there, which makes the energy in the room enjoyable. Steffany and Nicole care deeply and sincerely for each SkyAngels’ success and encourage each woman to achieve excellence. 

There many areas in my life in which I excel and aspects of my personality that will be a great asset to working in private aviation, but there are also areas that I find challenging. Being in SKYacademy made me noticing things about myself that don’t come as easily to me. The training made me excited to work on improving in areas of weakness and working to be a better flight attendant. SKYacademy has already made a difference in my commercial aviation life, as I find myself being much more accommodating with travelers and leaving a SkyAngel’s ‘Point’— the way the toilet paper-roll is folded into a nice triangle— in all the lavatories. 

Nicole and I sat down a week after I finished training and debriefed my experiences, thoughts, and feelings. I hope you enjoy the videos. 


Part One: SKYacademy Debrief


Part Three: Evaluation of SKYacademy

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