Oh, the places you'll go...the things you'll see and the things you'll do as a SkyAngel!

Over the years my SkyAngels and I have been to some pretty amazing locations, done incredible things and seen parts of the world that others may never get to experience. That is the thrill of the career as a Corporate Cabin Attendant.

For the wanderlust, this is a dream job. It is one of the very few careers that allows you to combine your passion for taking care of others with your passion to explore and experience the world while making money, all expenses paid.

As a SkyAngel there is always an adventure to experience with a little creativity! Some of my favorite adventures are walking through a new city scouting out the best restaurants, bakeries, and specialty grocery stores so I can purchase fresh, yummy ingredients to serve my guest a delicious meal on their next flight.  I have great memories of me carrying multiple bags of fresh fruits, breads, and cheeses as I walked the streets of Paris, Rome, New York, you name it taking in the sights, the smells, the sounds, the memories as I prepped for my next leg taking care that everything would be perfect and wow inspiring for my guests.

On most flights, you will have the wonderful opportunity to spend multiple days and sometimes weeks in a location giving you an opportunity to engulf yourself in the culture, make new friends and play to your heart's content. You can often find a SkyAngel surfing the waves of Waikiki, scuba diving, SUP’ing through mangroves, climbing the steps of the Eiffel tower, riding through the streets of Venice, hiking through tropical rain forests, or scouting for polar bears while enjoying lunch within view of majestic glaciers. 

The life of a SkyAngel is so exciting and rewarding and something worth sharing with the world. I’ve asked some of our SkyAngels to share pictures of their adventures with all of you. We hope you enjoy spending a day with a SkyAngel...

Do you dram of traveling the world as a corporate cabin attendant?

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