Meet SkyAngels Featured SKYcrew - Romina!

SkyAngels SKYcrew are hand selected and must complete a rigorous vetting process to ensure that only quality crew soar as SKYcrew.

Please take a moment to meet Romina, a very lovely Corporate Cabin Attendant. 

There are so many exciting perks in this career, what do you love most about being a Corporate Cabin Attendant in Private Aviation? 

I love having the opportunity to explore places I would never have thought to visit otherwise. Recently, I had a fantastic opportunity to travel with a performing troupe on their tour through Canada. Before that trip, I had no idea about Canada beyond ice hockey, maple leaves, and funny accents. It just wasn't on my radar. Now I know that Canada is a vast and diverse country with rugged mountains, rolling hills, flat valleys and majestic lakes. The people are kind, there is art everywhere, and you can't get tan in the summer no matter how many hours you lay out in the sun (trust me I tried!). Sometimes the best adventures are the ones we least expect!

We fly with the world's industry leaders and influencers and their safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. Tell us what kind of special touches you love to do to ensure your guests have a delightful travel experience when they fly with you?

I strive to transform the cabin into a sanctuary of comfort. Whether my guests are flying to an important business meeting or an exciting vacation, I want to make sure that their time in the sky is peaceful, enjoyable and restorative. I have a background in health and wellness, and I understand the value of quality rest. I always travel with customized eye pillows to aid in sleep or just to help the guests relax during the flight. I also carry essential oils that I offer to my guests. I have a blend used for relaxation and another for focus. I've had guests say they sleep better onboard than at home!

 As Corporate Flight Crew, working within the exclusive world of Private Aviation, we are lucky to have the opportunity to explore the world and go to places others dream about. What has been your most favorite destination(s) you have flown to and why?

Greece is the destination that has most impacted me so far. We toured through the mainland and some of the islands, so I was able to really immerse myself in the culture. The land is so rich with history you can taste it in the air! I was blown away by the generosity of the people, the energy of Athens and the tranquility of the countryside. Everywhere I turned I ran into ancient ruins, each more impressive than the last. You really feel that you are in a birthplace of civilization, culture and art. When I was touring the Acropolis, I chanced upon a production of Antigone. The players were dressed in traditional costume and masks, and they were performing in a ruined amphitheater. It took my breath away. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a return trip. 

As flight crew, we get to eat at some pretty amazing restaurants. What has been your favorite dining experience?

My most memorable dining experience was definitely at Ocean Point in Saint John’s, Antigua & Barbuda. Ocean Point is a lovely resort run by a warm and friendly Italian family. The restaurant wraps around a private harbor, where you can feast on delicious Italian comfort food while enjoying a breathtaking ocean view. The wait staff and chefs are all family and make you feel like a guest in their home. The food is incredibly fresh and homemade. Ocean Point features an open kitchen, where I could practice my Italian with the chef while he prepared homemade pasta with freshly caught seafood. After a spectacular dinner, I would relax on the patio with a strong espresso and some biscotti fresh from the oven while listening to the soothing Caribbean waves. Divino!

If a client is interested in requesting you for a trip, which airports do you service? Are you willing to relocate for contract flights? Are you willing to relocated for full-time positions?

I am available to fly out of all Los Angeles, San Diego and Bay Area airports.  I am willing to relocate for contract flights. I am willing to relocate for the right full-time position.  I look forward to flying with you!