A cabin attendant is not "just a cabin attendant"...

...that’s why we call them SkyAngels.

By definition, an Angel “is a person of exemplary conduct or virtue." - the caretakers of the sky. Nurturers, ensuring their travel guests receive the highest level of service based on their specific travel needs.

Most people think that the service on board a private jet is all about lobster and filet mignon served on china, enjoyed with “silver spoons” and accompanied by wine poured into Waterford crystal. Sometimes that is true and other times the guests want pizza from Roundtable served on paper plates. The real magic happens because a SkyAngel reads the needs of their guest accurately without the need to ask making the guest feel special and their needs tended to flawlessly.

In general, whether you are an aircraft owner or flight operator hiring a Certified SkyAngel, pilot, or cabin attendant, private aviation flight crew are the front line ambassadors ensuring the trip is handled to the utmost of safety and service. It is these individuals that can make or break the travel experience for the private jet traveler.

For most flight crew customer service for the UHNW comes very naturally to them, and for others, it is a learned skill that must be taught through the proper training. Recognizing the traits of a flight crewmember and aspiring flight crewmember who “get it” versus those who don’t and may never get it is what we specialize in at SkyAngels.

Not everyone who applies to SkyAngels SKYacademy All-inclusive Training course gets in. SKYacademy candidates must pass an application and screening process prior to being accepted into the program. Candidates are selected based on their skills, experience, and personality as well as their ability to succeed in this competitive and exclusive industry.  Through this process of elimination, those who are accepted and satisfactorily complete training soar high in their new career.

The same is true for our SKYcrew Network. Only quality crew become SKYcrew. All candidates must apply and successfully pass our stringent preliminary vetting process before being accepted into the SKYcrew Network. Through this vetting process, we can feel confident that our clients are receiving the highest level of service available in the industry today when they request and book SKYcrew for their flight needs. Our SKYcrew network consist of both pilots and cabin attendants and are available for full-time hire as well as on a contract basis.

When it comes to safety and service the sky there are no second chances to be safer or provide a better service. There are so many fun and wonderful gestures you can do for your travel guests to ensure they Travel Delightfully. Having the skills and knowledge to incorporate thoughtful gestures into every flight is what keeps charter guests requesting you and your company by name and your aircraft owner happy and satisfied.

Some of SkyAngels’ favorite gestures to do for their travel guest includes picking up food from their favorite restaurant or purchasing their favorite brands of water, drinks, or snacks for them to enjoy during their flight. It is the little gestures that make your guest feel warm and fuzzy.  There is no better feeling than your guest walking on board the aircraft to find their seat staged with their beverage of choice and the smile they give you when they look at you and say “How did you know? Wow!” If all your guest hug you before you part ways – you know you’ve done a job well done. You've made them feel happy and comfortable. They have accepted you into their circle of trust. Well done! Keep soaring high!