How to properly stage a private aircraft for guest arrival.

5 Simple Steps for Flight Operators and their Flight Crew to really WOW the guest - regardless of time.

Uh oh! The inevitable pop-up and the aircraft hasn't been staged. Not to worry, even if you only have 20 minutes before your guests arrive, you still have time to stage the plane regardless of size, to make the cabin warm and inviting for your guests.

Below are five simple steps you can do to ensure your guests have a lovely travel experience every time they fly with you.

 1. Polish every surface

When your guests board the plane, it should look like no one else has ever flown on the aircraft before, leave no evidence behind. Polish every surface to ensure no fingerprints are left on the surfaces. This includes the metal, wood, mirror, seats – ensuring there are no crumbs in the cracks, and the carpet should be vacuumed. The sinks and mirror in the lavatory should be free of water spots and fingerprints. Once the cabin is glistening, don't forget the final touch - polishing the handrail and stairs leading up to the aircraft. This is the first thing your guests will see, the first impression. When polishing the aircraft it is best not to use any chemicals when polishing the aircraft for those who are sensitive to chemicals. We recommend mixing a spray bottle with 50/50 vodka and water. You can also use this mixture to sanitize dinnerware also!

2. Roll the blankets & fluff the pillow

Everything in the cabin should be symmetrically perfect. Blankets should be folded the exact same way and displayed with intention and affection. For night flights, place the blankets where guests can easily access them.

3. Adjust the lighting & temperature

The lighting and temperature of the plane should compliment the outside weather. If it’s cold outside the cabin should be warm and inviting. If it is hot outside the cabin should be cool. If the blazing sun is shining in and warming up the cabin, shut ALL the blinds on that side of the aircraft to help keep it nice and cool. 

4. Refresh the snack basket

The snack basket should include delightful high-end savory and sweet options for the guest to enjoy during their flight. Check that the snacks have not expired. All the labels should be facing the same way and the basket should be orderly and look untouched by previous guests.

5. Stage the guest’s seat

Depending on the number of guests that will be traveling with you, be sure their seat is staged with a bottle of water, the same brand at each seat and labels facing in the same direction - towards the aisle. If you know the guests favorite flight beverage have that ready and at their seat upon arrival.  It is also a nice touch to have a little dish of snacks at their seat. In the summer months consider grapes, cherries, or tangerine wedges displayed in a pretty dish.

The takeaway? Regardless of time, you can still make a world-class impression. Considering the thousands of dollars per hour, your guests deserve it.  And for you, the effort will be well worth it to ensure your guests keep coming back to YOU. Competition is fierce, enticing your guest to request your company, aircraft, and crew every time should be the goal of every chartered flight. 

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