Green is the new BLACK!

Most of us, in our lifetime, have been called or heard the term “They are green.” which is generally meant to describe someone that is new to an industry, meaning they have little or no experience in the industry in which they are pursuing a career. It should NOT, however, be meant to suggest that the individual can not succeed or even be better at performing the roles and responsibilities of the position in which they pursue over someone who has been in the industry for years.

To call someone green in a derogatory way is usually done by those known as “Dinosaurs” - individuals who have been in an industry for years and often come with the mindset “If it’s not broke, why fix it?”. Dinosaurs are generally afraid of change or are so blinded by the “We’ve always done it this way.” mentality that they refuse to acknowledge how change can enhance their business and keep them competitive with their competitors. Those who refuse to change generally get left in the dust by those who enter the industry “green” and are able to look at the industry through new and fresh eyes. Those who are green typically find it easier to see the many exciting ways to make something that is good within the industry – GREAT! We’ve all seen this happen before, the new green kid on the block comes in and steals the show.

SkyAngels in pose

The point is this, when clients call to request a SkyAngel the first thing they ask is "How long has she been in the industry?" My response is always the same "She is new to aviation, but she has been trained to provide the highest level of service to the private jet traveler, creating a loyal customer for our clients.   IF you are looking to wow your clients and exceed their expectations you want a SkyAngel on board your flights."


At SkyAngels, most of our students come to SKYacademy with little to no experience in private aviation and we think that is GREAT! To be green means one is moldable, passionate, and driven to succeed by putting their best foot forward - always. They are fearless and will not stop until they have accomplished what you have set out to do - soar high. To be a SkyAngel means they are teachable and are always looking at ways in which they can become better by consistently looking at new ways to enhance the experience of the private jet traveler every time they go wheels up.  SkyAngels are fun and exciting to work with and bring excitement and fresh perspective to the in-flight experience! As a private jet traveler, you want SkyAngels caring for you on your flight. As a pilot and flight operator, you want a SkyAngel representing you. Being green is good. Years of experience does not automatically equate to "Job well done." The desire to provide a job well done does and that what makes SkyAngels special.


At SkyAngels, we are proud of and stand behind our "green" graduates. To be clear, not everyone who attends SkyAngels SKYacademy graduates. We only graduate those who understand and can execute The SkyAngels Experience - flawlessly. A SkyAngel is taught to never demonstrate the "Dinosaur" mentality, by settling into their ways and refusing to see new ways to improve upon their skills and the service they offer to their guests. A SkyAngel understands there is room for growth, welcomes change, and new ways to look at things so as to always stay at the top or their game while keeping their guests happy regardless if it is their first flight or 100th flight.

How will you know you have had the good fortune of having a Certified SkyAngel assigned to your flight? Simple, they will be wearing BLACK and SkyAngels GOLD wing promising our commitment to provide personalized and exceptional service that will leave private jet travelers feeling like they should be feeling before, during, and after the flight - special.

As an operator, pilot, charter client or private jet owner you may request a Certified SkyAngel here