Applying to SkyAngels SKYacademy, but why?

If you are looking to become a flight attendant on private jets there are a handful of training companies within the U.S.A. that provide the training and certifications necessary to launch your career. So, why does SkyAngels make you apply to attend SKYacademy while the other training companies offer open enrollment where anyone can attend and obtain the training they need? 

The answer is simple.

Our clients look to us to provide the highest level of service to their clients and we must live up to that expectation. By selectively choosing applicants we are able to maintain the reputation of providing the most desirable cabin attendants in the industry today, tomorrow and for the days to come. For us, it is about standing by our promises. It is quality over quantity and ensuring that the candidates we select to attend SKYacademy have the skills, attitude, personality, intelligence, poise, and dedication that will support their success in this industry upon graduation as well as meet the expectations of our clients.  

When applicants apply to SKYacademy All-Inclusive training course, our team reviews each application using a proprietary process to determine who will succeed in training and in this industry. Upon review, if our team believes the candidate has what it takes to succeed in their new career then we accept them into the program. Those who don’t are declined. This selective process saves time, money, and disappointment for everyone. We have always stood behind the belief that if all parties do not mutually benefit in some way from the transaction then we move on.


So, why apply to SkyAngels SKYacademy? 

Well, if you apply to SkyAngels SKYacademy and are accepted, count yourself as one of the selective few, out of hundreds of applicants, who have been invited to earn your wings at SkyAngels. Stand a little bit taller, a little bit prouder and get ready to spread your wings and soar high! We believe in you and will stand behind you and your dreams, and happily, welcome you into the SkyAngels family. Your success is our success so we are dedicated to providing the training and skills necessary for you to succeed in this industry and in your new career as a Cabin Attendant on private jets for years to come!