Change is scary, but I will tell you what is scarier…

Change is scary, but I will tell you what is scarier…

One day looking at your life and realizing you haven’t truly done anything you’ve really wanted to do with it. Whoa…mind blown. SCARY. 

We’ve heard it all before, but do we really recognize how quickly life can escape us? How quickly opportunities can pass us by. How quickly what we wanted is no longer in our grasp being unable to fulfill our hopes because of age, circumstances, or because what we wanted has simply disappeared as an option. Just like that our life passes us by and the hopes and dreams we had for our life fade and we fall into a role – we fulfill the expectations that others and society have for our life, maybe because we don’t want to let someone down or because we are afraid to stick up for ourselves and what we want for ourselves and for the one life we have a chance to live. We exist, we are alive, but are we truly living? My guess is not.

We can make ourselves feel better about these missed opportunities, for not fulfilling the life we truly want for ourselves – the many voices of doubt and fear speaking louder than our desires;

  • “I don’t have time, I am too busy.”  
  • “I have children now…”
  • “What if I fail?”
  •  “I am too old.”
  •  “I will do it eventually, I have time.”
  • “I can’t. I am not capable.”
  • “That’s not what others expect of me.”
  • "There's no way I can do that. Others can but I'll never be able to."

…the list of excuses in our head goes on and on, usually fear induced, and we let our fear take over. We settle into the life we are living until one day we wake up and a different kind of fear hits us; “Where has my life gone? I haven’t done half of the things I wanted to. I haven’t lived and loved to my heart's desire. I have spent most of my life driving to work, working, driving home from work never taking time off – I haven’t seen the world! I haven’t been living, I’ve simply been existing!”


It’s amazing how many of these conversations I have each week with ladies and men who wake up with this epiphany and call me excited by the opportunity to travel and see the world as a career. They want the life of a SkyAngel.  I hear their stories and I relate to them. I get it. They have the bug, they feel the burning desire to live and not waste another minute of their life in a career that does not fulfill their passion for life. 

Instantly, upon hanging up with these folks I know who will follow thru in the pursuit of their dreams and who won't. For those who are finally ready to seize their life, nothing is going to come between them and their dreams for their life. They have made a commitment to themselves to make changes in their life that supports the life they want to live, and they succeed because they believe and we believe in them. 

It is these candidates that we accept into our program. Only a select handful of applicants are invited to attend SkyAngels SKYacademy – we look for the best. We look for individuals committed to their own success. The types of individuals that will bring passion and commitment to training and their new career and won’t stop pursuing it until they have succeeded. An individual that will never quit until they have realized their dream and soar on their first flight. These are the SKYacademy Graduates we can’t wait to share with our clients because it is these individuals that create and provide a delightful in-flight experience for their guests.


Each of our students comes to us with a different story, different skills, different backgrounds and different goals for themselves and their new career as a SkyAngel. Regardless of their background, it is our goal to provide training that ensures their success in the industry as a flight attendant within General Aviation. We are consistently inspired and motivated by their passion.

The life you want is within your grasp – all you have to do is reach for it and never let go. Our Certified SkyAngels have traveled around the world, as a team, we have traveled to every continent, met people that others read about, and have had experiences that many can't even fathom. Every day is different, exciting, challenging, and fun. Boredom doesn’t exist and instead of watching your life go by, you are living your life as you fly around the world providing the SkyAngels Experience to your guest, beautifully poised, with grace and a smile on your face.

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