Meet SkyAngels featured SKYcrew & Certified SkyAngel - Emily!

Meet SkyAngels featured SKYcrew & Certified SkyAngel, Emily. We interview her to learn what life is like being a flight attendant in private aviation.

There are so many exciting perks in this career, what do you love most about being a Certified SkyAngel?

I love being a SkyAngel because I get to see and experience new places. I am on a personal mission to see the world so when I am ready to settle I will know exactly where I want to be.


We fly with the world’s industry leaders and influencers. Their safety and satisfaction are of the utmost importance, tell us what kind of special touches you love to do to ensure your guests have a delightful travel experience when they fly with you.

My dream has always been to blend my two passions of flying and culinary arts. Baking is one of my greatest loves. I make an effort to always have a sweet treat from home baking in the oven prior to my guest’s arrival. My cabin is their home away from home while they are in the air. Each client has a unique set of needs; it is my intention to ensure that these needs are met.

Hands down my most favorite trip I have been on was to Croatia. I started in Zagreb and backpacked south to Dubrovnik.


As a SkyAngel, working within the exclusive world of Private Aviation, we are lucky to have the opportunity to explore the world and go to places others dream of seeing, what has been your most favorite destination you have flown to and why?

Hands down my most favorite trip I have been on was to Croatia. I started in Zagreb and backpacked south to Dubrovnik. I saw Plitvice Lakes, a lake famous for being the world’s third most beautiful lake. I visited some of Croatia’s spectacular islands including Hvar, and Corchula. I have an interesting story involving a child and a local family welcoming me to their town that I will never forget.

The highlight of my trip was Zadar. An old city I had heard about that had something worth visiting, the sea organ. I stayed at a transformed modeling agency/ hotel. From there we were walking distance from the sea organ. I arrived in town just before dusk. I dropped my bags off and ran to the end of the peninsula so I could sit on the stairs of the sea organ during sunset and watch the boats come in. There are a series of holes throughout the steps and with the combination of wind and waves it makes it possible for one to hear the music of the sea. After nightfall, there is a solar panel on the ground that has a light show that changes with the different notes of the sea. Jaw dropping!

As Corporate Flight Crew, we get to eat at some pretty amazing restaurants. What has been your favorite dining experience? 

While visiting Machu Picchu I stayed at the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel. It is an amazing quaint village-style hotel located on five hectares of garden bordering the jungle. At this hotel they have a restaurant with floor to ceiling wall windows that overlook the Urubamba River, creating a naturally relaxing environment. They grow all their own teas, as well as herbs and spices on site. All of the food is organic and locally grown. As sick as I was from elevation, I made an effort to eat dinner there every night. The staff was always warm and welcoming. The food was not only pleasing to the eyes, but delicious as well.



If a client is interested in booking you for a trip, which airports do you service? Are you willing to relocate for contract flights? Full-time positions?

Currently, I serve all airports from the Central Coast to Southern California, but if a client wants to request me for flight in other locations I would absolutely relocate for a contract flight as well as for a full-time position.

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