SkyAngels All-inclusive Training Course will provide you with the training you need to get your career off the ground and start soaring in private aviation. You can learn more about our All-inclusive Training Course here.



  • Complete training at your own pace and schedule through a series of online training courses.

  • From the first day of training, SKYacademy students begin to integrate into a network of industry leaders.

  • 90% of graduates receive a full-time or contract position within 8 weeks of graduating.

  • SkyAngels SKYmentors are dedicated to supporting students to ensure a targeted and efficient job search upon graduating.

  • Receive support from a SKYmentor on your first flight.

  • Join our exclusive SKYcrew network to receive exposure to our network of 2000+ SkyAngels professionals and potential employers to help launch you in your career.

See what our previous skyangels skyacademy students have to say

I’m grateful for the opportunity and after going through SKYAcademy, so glad to have picked you (and you me!). At the very end of training, you very eloquently gave a motivational send-off, and while you were talking, I was so struck by how sincerely you care about your SkyAngel’s success. It’s a wonderful trait about you and what you have created.

I am inspired by your tenacity and thankful yours and Nicole’s mentorship. Continue to build your dream and pursue your visions. You are making so many other’s dreams happen in addition.
— -Kara M., SKYacademy Graduate & Certified SkyAngel
The skills I learned through SkyAngels SKYacademy were invaluable. The training, support and encouragement I received from the SkyAngels Team guided me in my success. It’s rare to find a company that truly has the best interest of their students in mind, but SkyAngels really cares. They taught me how to provide the highest level of care to my guests and to always strive for perfection in everything I do.
— Jenny S., Certified SkyAngel
A challenging experience that opened my eyes to an entire industry and lifestyle I never related to before; amazing to learn and grow my skill set.
— Chanae R., Certified SkyAngel
You have made an impact on my life in the short amount of time going through training and your on-going support. You are such a great leader and love that you created SkyAngels. That feeling of support and truly working together as a team has been a positive impact in my life. You are Wonder Woman.
— Lauren L., SkyAngels Student & Certified SkyAngel
I was incredibly impressed by SkyAcademy. The instructors are encouraging and offer constructive feedback. I’m so happy I was accepted to this program and will have a Skymentor as I continue with my career as a cabin attendant.
— Kara M., SkyAngels Student & Certified SkyAngel
I believe SkyAngels goes above and beyond to offer training in the skill needed to provide excellent service to guests. I felt supported and encouraged while learning new skills, and I have a new outlook on how I will interact with future clientele.
— Lauren G., SkyAngels Student & Certified SkyAngel