Apply to Flight Attendant Training

Step 1: Complete an *Online Application Questionnaire

Acceptance into SkyAngels SKYacademy will be based on your answers. Selected applicants will be requested to schedule a quick Skype interview with a SkyAngels SKYambassador.

* When applying to SKYacademy there is a $75.00 application processing fee.

Online Flight Attendant Training

Step 2: Complete Online and Practical Training

If approved, complete online training prior to commencing practical training. Practical training runs over a course of five days and takes place at our training facility in Santa Rosa on the second week of each month.


Step 3: Join Our SKYcrew Network and Soar

Upon earning your SkyAngels SKYacademy Certification, join our SKYcrew network to be promoted to our network of 2000+ industry professionals and start soaring in your new career!

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