If you love traveling, have an interest in hospitality and service excellence, can maintain a flexible schedule and income and love meeting amazing people, then a career as a cabin attendant in private aviation could be very exciting for you.

This could be just the chance you've been waiting for to explore the world while traveling like a VIP, and getting paid!


SkyAngels SKYacademy offers the training, skills and certification to set you up for success in a career as a Corporate Cabin Attendant.

SkyAngel Traveling

Get paid to travel

Get paid to travel the world and meet amazing people! As a contract cabin attendant you have the potential to make between $400 and $700 per day or as a full-time cabin attendant, salaries range between $60K and $150K per year.

Enjoy the destinations you fly to

Enjoy the destinations you fly to

One advantage of working within private aviation is that you get to enjoy the destinations you fly to. Unlike commercial flight crew, private crewmembers stay with the aircraft at the destination. This means if your guests are staying in Bora Bora, so are you!

Industry Leaders

Learn from industry leaders

From the first day of training, SKYacademy students begin to integrate into a network of industry leaders. SKYacademy instructors are working professionals in the industry with an extensive network of flight operators, travelers and industry partners.

Employment Rate

Strong employment rate

90% of SKYacademy students receive a full-time or contract position within 8 weeks of graduating*. Everything about our training curriculum and resources is geared towards ensuring that our graduates are highly sought-after in the marketplace.

Corporate Cabin Attendants

Extensive recruitment support and placement

Upon completion of training, students will have the opportunity to join our SKYcrew Network where you will be connected and promoted to our network of 2000+ industry professionals and potential employers to keep you soaring in your new career.

One time investment of $3,500.

Graduates can recoup this cost by booking approximately six days of flights. That's it! That's less than a week of flying and you have recouped the costs of training for your new career!

* Applies to graduates that follow SkyAngels step-by-step guidelines for networking and securing work within the industry.