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For today's private aviation professionals, aspiring crew, industry leaders and travelers who understand hospitality.


Request SkyAngels SKYcrew and relax knowing you will experience luxury hospitality on your next flight.


Train your crew in half the time, at half the cost with our customizable ONLINE training platform.


Recurrent and initial traininig available through a series of online courses and hands-on training.

90% of SkyAngels SKYacademy graduates receive a contract or full-time position within 8 weeks of graduating.

SkyAngels SKYacademy offers certified training to help you master the skills needed to soar in a career of private aviation. Our training is specialized for pilots, cabin attendants and aspiring crew for both initial and recurrent training requirements. 


SKYcrew, Pilots and Cabin Attendants, have been approved by SkyAngels and are committed to providing the highest level of safety and service in the Sky. Select from our network of SKYcrew and feel confident you will receive the highest level of service in the industry today.

Are you a Crewmember? Join our SKYcrew Network and get connected to over 2000+ of SkyAngels Contacts to help you soar in your career.  Apply here -->

Online Training Platform

Save Money. Save Time. Keep your Crew in the Sky. 

Are you a Flight Operator? Use SkyAngels unique customizable training platform to efficiently onboard crew, manage in-house training requirements, and ensure brand loyalty by delivering world-class service across your fleet.



  • Travel Delightfully. Request a Certified SkyAngel on your next flight and enjoy flying with your very own personal travel assistant - all the details of your trip arranged flawlessly. Prepare to be pampered. 

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  • SKYacademy offers credentials recognized by industry professionals.
  • Initial and recurrent training offered.
  • Complete your General Emergency Crewmember Training ONLINE.
  • Join our exclusive SKYcrew network to receive exposure to our network of over 2000+ SkyAngels' contacts to assist you in landing flights (pun intended).

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  • Efficiency tools to quickly and effectively train crew, onboard new crew and manage training.
  • Branded customer service training.
  • Crew sourcing.
  • ONLINE training platform available to save you time and money. 

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SkyAngels have become like extended family to us and we have grown particularly fond of Steffany over the years. Her character is uncommon, her sincerity refreshing and her dedication to customer service is infectious.
— Ashton Kutcher, Actor, Entrepreneur

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