SkyAngels have become like extended family to us and we have grown particularly fond of Steffany over the years. Her character is uncommon, her sincerity refreshing and her dedication to customer service is infectious.
— Ashton Kutcher, Actor, Entrepreneur



  • Travellers Travel delightfully.
  • Crew/Aspiring Crew - Industry credentials recognized by industry leaders.
    • Recurrent & Initial training available (Complete Recurrent training ONLINE.)
    • Training provided for pilots, cabin attendants & aspiring crew.
    • Learn from the best!
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  • Operators - Stay ahead of the competition.
    • Start your crew on the path of Service Excellence.
    • Train your crew in half the time at half the cost.
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General George S. Patton said it best, "Always do more than is required." - That's the SkyAngels Experience.

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SkyAngels, travel delightfully, for those who have arrived